Celebrating the Life of Kelechukwu Brnfre

Kelechukwu Brnfre

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014 the light dimmed as one of our own transitioned to the next life.

Kelechukwu Brnfre – A dynamic artist and public speaker who has been performing since 1990 after leaving the US Marines as an Embassy Security Guard. Born Kelly Comer, he changed his name in 1993, choosing an African name with a derivative sound of his former name because of what he calls the encouraged global disrespect and insensitivity of Black men defining themselves. This is reflected in his writings and he uses a charismatic humor to raise the level of consciousness of the listener.

Starting Beautiful Soul with his own resources, Kelechukwu and his partner, K Sims, have created a forum for talent in Gary and surrounding areas. Kelechukwu also served as the Director of Community Engagement for the Gary International Black Film Festival. He believed in the ingenuity of people and their ability to always create regardless of the environment.

Kelechukwu has penned two books, and an anthology of his works, recording a CD entitled “Educated Fools” and has several poetry mix tapes available. He remains active in the community specializing in interaction with so-called troubled youth.

Kelechukwu’s signature poems include “Educated Fools”, a poem about degreed arrogance; “Zero”, a poem about the dynamism of women; and, “Bittersweet Memories”, a poem about Michael Jackson’s effect on Gary. Indiana. He was part of one of the first successful poetry nights in Gary and has also performed in Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

Where most people see apathy, Brnfre sees opportunity. He is a very serious businessman with endless ideas about the transformation of any inner city into a source of revitalization, especially through the arts.

“The poet is key into giving a voice to emotions and the businessman is key in providing revenue to afford the artists space to perform and changes in society based on the people’s needs that should be articulated by the artists.” – Kelechukwu

CLICK HERE to listen the recordings of his latest work, Night Signature Sound