Our work focuses on bringing access to independent Black film activity in Gary, IN. It supports our mission with a goal of building a vibrant active film going community, attracting filmmakers to Gary, IN, and creating a film-going culture in Gary and the surrounding community.
This means

  • We treat the film audience with respect by providing a rich cultural experience of the highest quality
  • We work to build opportunities for Gary artists, small business and non-profits using our collective resources and energy by:
    • Engaging local artists in areas where we can provide fair compensation for their services
    • Engaging local businesses by making them a priority service provider to the festival
    • Helping Gary non profits build capacity by offering fundraising opportunities through ticket sales
    • Becoming a resource of black indie film for individuals and organizations seeking to use film as an instigator for discussion and exchange
    • Supporting the educational community by providing opportunities to partner, engage and collaborate with the festival to explore film as a tool for learning; and offer the festival as a tool for socio-cultural studies
    • Using  film as a catalyst for cross pollination of entrepreneurial ideas and activities with Gary businesses at its core.
    •  Taking advantage of branding and co-presenting opportunities with any organization considering bringing an independent Black film to Gary, IN