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Mission –
The Gary International Black Film Festival uses film as a catalyst for positive cultural activity to enhance the ‘cultural capital’ of our hometown of Gary, IN by celebrating black culture through independent film and discussion. It is our goal to bring films of the highest quality that are not seen at the local multiplex that reflect the depth and transcendence of black people.

To help build a rich, sustainable cultural community driven by enjoyment of African Diaspora film that provides artistic, economic and community building opportunities. We want to make Gary, IN a destination for filmmakers seeking to share handcrafted independent films with loving audiences and provide  local artists, creatives and small business people meaningful, mutual benefit.



  1. In regards to the instructions on your site (under “Rules”…):
    “3.Films must be at least a Gary premiere.”

    … Do this mean that my film is ineligible” if it screened at other film festivals?
    I “have not” released the film to the public yet.

    Thank you.

    • Mr Williams,

      Thank you for your submission question. Your film is eligible if was screened at other festivals, but it must be a premiere for Gary audiences. In other words, the film is ineligible if it has screened in Gary, IN before.

      Best regards,

  2. I purchased a ticket to watch “G Force” specifically but missed the window. How can I watch the film, I did not save it to watch later?

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